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General information

On behalf of Gentera and its companies, I appreciate your interest in knowing more in detail our results.


Our history started in 1990, having as the main objective to take development opportunities to women at the bottom of the pyramid with a productive activity.



Today we work for the financial inclusion in Mexico, Peru and Guatemala serving the underserved segment through the companies that are part of Gentera; Compartamos Banco, Compartamos Financiera, Compartamos, Yastás, Intermex, Aterna, Fiinlab and Fundación Gentera; always having the person at the center of our actions.



The financial solutions that Gentera currently offers are focused on working capital loans, insurance, savings, payment channels and remittances, in order to improve life quality and development opportunities of people, thus generating shared value.



Since April 2007, date when Compartamos Banco (now Gentera), was listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange, we offer our shareholders, through different media, timely and transparent information about the operations and finance of the company, in order to continue with the generation of economic value and seeking, at all times, to have the greatest transparency with our audiences.



At Gentera, we are committed with providing a close and quality service to our clients and shareholders.



Thank you.




Mario Ignacio Langarica Ávila


Chief Financial Officer


Mexico / Gentera
Investors Relations
Enrique Barrera Flores, IRO
+ 52 (55) 5276 7250 ext. 7379
Félix Martínez Escamilla, IR
+ 52 (55) 5276 7250 ext. 9202

Insurgentes Sur No. 1458, Col. Actipan, Del. Benito Juárez,Ciudad de México
C.P. 03230


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August 1 & 2: Credit Suisse 12th Annual CEO/CFO Mid-Summer LatAm Conference, NY, NY USA.

September 26 & 27: JP Morgan Mexico Opportunities Conference, Mexico City, Mexico.


3Q18 Results will be published on Thursday, October 25th, after market close.

3Q18 Earnings Conference Call will take place on Friday, October 26th at 9 am Mexico City Time (10 am ET)


Vídeo Institucional

Somos el grupo emprendedor líder de la inclusión financiera en el segmento subatendido, con presencia en México, Perú y Guatemala.